By jane2012, Mar 2 2019 05:13PM

So as promised I am making a concerted effort to write more here about my life and art.

Since last time I've been working on a textile batik. I wanted to do something more personal, that reflects my inner life and I wanted it to be a self portrait. I found a random selfie I had taken a while ago and liked the way it looks like I'm slightly away with the fairies (which I often am to be fair!). I was lying in bed at the time and my hair is splayed over the pillow making me look a bit windswept and interesting. Perfect.

I started the batik on a Saturday morning and was on such a roll that I pretty much continued right through the day and some of the evening. I love it when the muse hits and I'm just right there in the flow. It's the most satisfying feeling!

As you can see from the photos, I sketched out my image onto the cotton and began building up the tones and shadows on the skin. At first I was really pleased with the image I created but then started to pick holes in it, as is my wont, deciding that one eye was bigger than the other making me look like I have squint, so I bleached out some of the dark outline from the offending eye, which helps a bit I think. I'm also not too happy with the colour of the top but I have decided that the image kind of reminds me Ophelia drowning so I'm going to change that by having her in a watery space. The idea being that the bluey-green of the water will cover the gold and make it look as though she's sinking below the surface.

I love batik because it changes as I'm doing it; dyes don't behave as I'd like or the wax runs into an unintended place. I've learned to relax and go with it when this happens. It's all part of the process.

Unfortunately I have work during the week so I haven't been able to do anything since last Sunday (It's Saturday now) and as the week has progressed I have done my usual thing of questioning myself and my intention and thinking about what other people will think of it. Why do I do that? Why do I care?? It's ridiculous isn't it? This diminishing of our creativity, wanting to hide it. I gave myself a talking to this morning after attending a printmaking course which fired me up again and repinned the batik, adding the blue dye to the back ground. As I type I'm waiting for it to dry so I can add the next part of the design which I will upload next week.

So anyway, here you are, this is where it's at at the moment...more to come!

First sketch
First sketch
first waxing
first waxing
skin tones
skin tones
dark tones and second waxing
dark tones and second waxing
gold top
gold top
watery background
watery background

By jane2012, Jul 22 2018 10:04AM


It's been a while, I know! I would love to be more disciplined and post more regularly here, but life has a habit of getting in the way!

It's been a busy summer here at Chez Sharp and between preparing for and completing my charity walk in June and working full time on top of that, there hasn't been a lot of time for creativity. Now that the walk is done (more of that in a later post) I have been throwing myself into some creative projects and it's been so nice to come back to!

Alongside my more traditional textile batik work I have been experimenting with batik on wood and have to say, I've been really enjoying it! I started off by having a go on some cheap off cuts from our local Scraps Store here in MK. They take discs of wood discarded in the making of speaker boxes at Marshall's in Bletchley and sell them on to artists and makers to do with what they will. The wood is only cheap ply so the finish was not brilliant but I was pleased with the overall result and it has definitely spurred me on!

The principle is the same as for textiles; you map out your design and apply wax to the areas you don't wish to colour. It is a lot more immediate than with textile though, which is quite satisfying, and when done on a nice piece of wood, the dye can really bring out the grain. This is definitely something I will be developing, so watch this space!

I've added the images here and as you can see I've also upcycled a star light purchased from Mrs B's Emporium in Wolverton, and an old Ikea mirror I bought years ago. My next project is another purchase from Mrs B's; a small ornamental dresser. Can't wait to post the pics of that when it's finished!

By jane2012, Jun 10 2017 12:28PM

We had a great Private View last night at the Cornerstone Gallery in CMK to open our Mixed Stitch and Friends Bucks Open Studios Exhibition. There were lots of familiar faces there to support us as well as not so familiar faces, which is really encouraging.

Now that the Prosecco has been quaffed and the nibbles nibbled the exhibition will be up from today (10th June) to Sunday 25th June. It will be accessible during the church opening hours and manned on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesday afternoons. Can't wait for you to see it!


Cornerstone Gallery

Church of Christ the Cornerstone

Saxon Gate

Central Milton Keynes



Saturday 10th June to Sunday 25th June 2017


accessible during church opening hours and manned on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesday afternoons.

By jane2012, May 21 2017 10:18AM

Just a quick update to say that you can now purchase these beautiful A3 Giclee prints of my skulls for £25 each, unframed and if you buy all 6 you get one free :). They are printed on Matt Poster by a great little company in Essex called dStudio.

There will also be some blank greetings cards available shortly, so as soon as I have shots of those I will post them.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Jane x

By jane2012, May 13 2017 09:38AM

Friday 12th May was the official launch of the Get Making in MK50 Roadshow. There was a lovely gathering at Westbury Arts Centre in Foxcovert Lane, Milton Keynes to start things off, with several of the artists in attendance to chat with visitors.

It was a really lovely evening and a great start to a unique project. Well done to Linda Wilks and Ann Pegg for developing the idea and supporting so many local artists!