Ta da!!

By jane2012, Jul 12 2019 11:53AM


'Self Portrait as Ophelia' is finally finished and mounted! Huzzah!! It's taken a while but I got there in the end! As with most pieces I produce there are elements I love but there are also mistakes that I can't unsee! Oh well, that is the lot of the creator I suppose! Overall I love it though and am pleased that the design has turned out pretty damn close to how I imagined it would. I've posted more images in my gallery than are here if you're interested!

Unfortunately due to my back issues I was unable to complete her in time for the MK Open Arts Exhibition running at Westbury Arts Centre over this weekend (13 and 14th July) so she will be given a spot in my house for now! I have instead put in another piece called Landscape No. 3. Pics of this will be posted after the event :)

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