Jane Sharp is a textile artist based in Milton Keynes.  She was born in Hull, England in 1971 but grew up in the new town of Milton Keynes during the 1970s and 1980s.  Although, on the face of it MK can seem a sterile place to those who know it only for its Concrete Cows, it has a diverse and well established artistic scene which helped nurture Jane's own progress towards becoming an artist.


Jane discovered batik at secondary school and hasn't been able to shake off the addiction since! "I love batik, it is such a fascinating medium to work in.  No two works are the same and the finished article rarely ends up the way I imagined it would - 99% of the time this is a good thing!"


Her works are colourful and full of energy and life.  She is particularly influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement and Art Nouveau and many of her pieces reflect this with their bold colours and organic lines.


Jane incorporates hand stitching into her work: "I have always loved embroidery and quilting, so I decided to take the next step and combine this with my batiks.  I absolutely adore the process and I love the way the delicate stitches and beading complement the designs so well and add that extra dimension."



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